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During 2020, WYBSA  will raffle off THREE (3) sets of FOUR (4) Cleveland Indians Tickets .   Entry into the raffle will be based on volunteering at WYBSA events like Concessions, Fair, Field Day, Tournament Help, etc.

Raffle Drawing Dates:

  1.  Date/Time TBA (drawing is planned for late May) 
  2. Date/Time  TBA (drawing is planned for early July)
  3. Date/Time  TBA (drawing is planned for early September)



Entries will be based on the following guidelines:

  • Managing/Coaching (for entire season):  6 total entries (2 per drawing)
  • Scorekeeping (for entire season): 3 total entries (1 per drawing)
  • Moyer Concessions (per 1-1/2 to 3 hour shift): 1 entry
  • Regular/Weekly Concessions Openers (per season): 3 total entries (1 per drawing)
  • Fair Booth (per team's full shift): 2 entries
  • Fair Booth (per team's 1/2 shift): 1 entry
  • Other volunteering events that are tracked/supervised by WYBSA (per 1-1/2 to 3 hour shift):  1 entry 

NOTE:  Entries will be good for only the current set of (4) tickets being raffled (i.e. entries are good for 1 drawing, not all 3 sets of drawings other than noted above). No limit on total number of entries per drawing.


  • Team
    • Managers & Coaches
    • ScoreKeeper
  • Appointed Positions & Volunteers
    • Concessions Asst Manager
    • Field Manager
  • Board Positions up for election in 2020
    • Baseball Commissioner
    • Softball Commissioner
    • President
    • Treasurer
  • Other Volunteering
    • Concessions Openers
    • Concessions Volunteer
    • Fair Booth Volunteer
    • Field Day Volunteer

Field Day To-Do List

The 2020 To-Do list pdf is below.  Teams and/or parents/guardians should volunteer for the projects best suited for their skillset and experience.  


We rely on volunteers to get field up to par prior to season so we can have a successful year!   Please volunteer for a project today and earn entry into the Indians Ticket Raffle!

Schedule of Events

Link to both the WYBSA Events Schedule/Calendar, and the Neobaseball Schedule of Events page for the whole year. Helpful dates for parents and coaches....please mark your calendars!

Field Locations & Directions

Directions and descriptions of Waterloo's baseball & softball field venues.

Our Board

Contact information for WYBSA and other volunteers affiliated with our organization.

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