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About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to implant firmly in the youths of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty and courage so that they may be finer, stronger and happier youngsters and will grow to be good, clean and healthy adults.

This shall be achieved by providing supervised competitive games through the county organizations overseeing league play.

Managers, coaches and all other adults should bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary and the molding of future adults is of prime importance to our organization.

Any flagrant violation of WYBSA or league rules could result in the suspension or permanent removal of any player, manager, coach, manager and/or spectator.


WYBSA was formed through the merger between former Randolph Hot Stove and Atwater Hot Stove Associations.  Since the two townships make up the Waterloo local school system, the organizations were combined to provide a more competitive, stable, and successful organization more inline with the long-term development of our participants.  

Hosting Youth Events

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Since 2009, Waterloo has hosted the softball all-star games for the region all but once, and we have hosted the baseball all-star games since 2013.  These are super exciting events to recognize the kids, so we announce all the participants, play the National Anthem before the game, and finish up the game under the lights.


We are one of the regular hosting sites for regular Neobaseball and PGS season tournaments.  Since we have several fields in one location, adequate restrooms. concessions, and the pavilion area, we have great setup for hosting for youth baseball and softball.


WYBSA has also hosted the fall baseball league since 2016,  More teams get involved with our fall program each because of the how well the fall program runs. 


Starting 2018, we have also hosted the Softball Fall Pumpkin Bash Tournament. In 2019, approx. 36 softball teams participated in the fun and exciting event. 

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